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Useful Post Stocking Management Tips for Freshwater Fish Farming

March 12, 2020

Seed management is one of the primary things that determine the ROI of any fish farm. Choosing the best quality seed should be the primary objective of any fish farmer. The real work starts post stocking.
In this blog, we discuss some of the most important post stocking management tips:
Pond Management
Magur and Mrigel are some of the most consumed fish in India and they are cold-blooded. This is why they require proper care. Fish are entirely dependent on the pond water environment for growth and survival. This is why pond management is so important.
Here are some important pond management tips:
a) Frequently check the water quality. Ideally, the pH level should be 7.5 to 8. Anything less than that or more than that is very harmful.
b) Dark colour of water reveals high zooplankton growth which should be checked.
c) For every 50 litres of water, there should be 1 ml of zooplanktons.

Feed is one of the most crucial aspects of fish farming. This is because fish are entirely dependent on the quality of feed. Feed plays quite a big role in the post-stocking stage.
Here are some important feeding tips:
a) For the first one or two days, fish will consume the planktons present in the pond. After that artificial feeding is necessary. Fish depends on the feed for growth and immunity.
b) Use high-quality feed with high volumes of natural ingredients and essential nutrients.
c) Do not overfeed. Feed twice a day. Once in early morning and then in the evening.
d) Choose the right type of feed. Floating fish feed is ideal for fish such as Carp, Pangasius, Magur and Roopchand. On the other hand, sinking fish feed is tailor-made for fish like Rohu and Katla.

Feed management and the quality of feed are 2 of the most important factors to be considered in fish farming. So, the primary focus of a fish farmer is to select the right site and implement healthy fish management practices.