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Tips to lay better: How to get the finest eggs possible

December 29, 2020

To receive a continuous supply of quality eggs, your chickens require the right poultry feed at an appropriate price, clean water, adequate daylight, and much more. To be precise, an egg’s quality reveals the maintenance and management the hens get. So, receiving good eggs involves some degree of work on the part of the farm owner, and his associates.

Provide the essentials

  • Food

It’s vital that a laying hen get a balanced diet from Nouriture’s poultry feed with ample amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, and minerals.

For laying birds older than 16 -20 weeks, a well-adjusted layer ration should be given containing 16% – 18% protein and around 3.5 % calcium to have strong eggshells. In fact, numerous raisers are also offered oyster shell for additional calcium, if their feedstuff has inadequacies regarding this mineral. Calcium shortage can be responsible for thin-shelled eggs and leg issues in laying birds.

  • Water

Laying chickens need continuous availability of fresh and uncontaminated water. A chicken’s body utilizes water for various physical purposes. Also, water comprises in excess of half of an egg’s volume. So, it is prudent to confirm that your birds have a consistent water source at all times.

  • Coop

Chickens require fortification from the various elements, predators, and illness so that they stay alive and healthy to keep laying eggs. A cozy, safe, sturdy and accurately ventilated chicken coop will provide your birds protection from severe weather. It’ll also give them a predator-free place to rest at night, and keep the disease-carrying rodents and other wild animals away from the birds.

Concentrate on coop’s cleanliness

Avoid crowding your chickens’ coops and keep their surroundings clean and dry.

Layer fresh litter on a regular basis in houses, check mud formation in cages, and rake up droppings – this will aid in preventing your birds from following feces and mud into their nest boxes and onto their eggs. A clean environment supports healthy poultry birds.

Provide nest boxes

Encourage your chickens to lay eggs in the provided nest boxes and not behind bushes or in some corner of their coops. That‘ll help to get fine, clean, and undamaged eggs.

Provide adequate lighting

Light is another significant element that affects egg production. With growing hours of light, each day hens start production and with declining hours of light per day, it stops production. In fact, at least14 hours of light each day is indispensable to maintain continuous egg production.

Clean eggs thoroughly

Collect the already laid eggs frequently. Also, keep the nest boxes and coops clean, and dry. Avoid crowding. This will help keep your poultry eggs unsoiled and fresh. If you follow the mentioned things no extra scrubbing will be required for cleaning the eggs.

So, follow the above pointers and use Nouriture’s poultry feed that comes at a great price and get great quality eggs from your birds.