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Superior quality Broiler feed and Layer feed from Nouriture

Nutri Choice is our premium poultry feed offering in the broiler feed category. This broiler poultry feed combines Total Quality Management (TQM) and outstanding innovation to manufacture the best chicken feed with superior quality that provides good nutrition, offers lower FCR and maximum profit. Hentech and Anmol are high protein chicken feed that is ideally balanced for Protein (Amino Acid) and energy with highly digestible raw material such as such as Hypro soya doc, Corn Gluten, Sterilized MBM and Soya Oil. Our varieties of broiler chicken food like broiler finisher feed, broiler pre starter feed, chick starter feed are ideal for your chicken in all stages of growth. The range of Anmol Layer feed comprising layer chick crumbs, layer grower crumbs, and layer phase 1 to layer phase 3 is a specially formulated feed that gives the chick ideal and uniform body weight, leading to maturity attainment at the right time. We believe in a collaborative and 360 degree approach. In order to get the best results for the farmers, Nouriture provides farmer trainings, meets and on-ground assistance to them from time to time. Such events not only create an environment of trust and confidence, but also boost rural entrepreneurship and productivity, leading to increased profits. Nouriture is committed to serve you at every step in all its capabilities.

Broiler Feed

Hentech, Anmol and Nutrichoice broiler feed have yielded consistent and assured results in terms of health of poultry and enhanced FCR. They are the feed of choice who want higher returns on their investment.

Layer Feed

Anmol Layer feed has ingredients like maize, Soya DOC, MBM, rice polish, DORB, MDOC, amino acids, premix, vitamins and minerals to fulfill the daily nutritional requirement of the bird.

Superior advantages

  • Better FCR
  • Better profits
  • Reduces mortality rate & pathogen load
  • Releases healthy gut microbes
  • Adaptable to different breed and climatic conditions of India

useful tips

Feed the chickens adlibitum or no feeder should be empty for single moment for getting more Body weight & excellent F.C.R .

People often prefer throwing chicken pellets to the floor. We suggest to give the pellets in a chicken trough or feeders. It keeps the shed clean and prevents costly feed wastage.

It depends on the age of the chicken. A young chicken needs more protein content in the diet than their older counterparts. A full grown chicken consumes around 120g of pellets per day.

It should be kept away from moisture. It is best to store them in a cool and dry condition, feed bags should be kept in wooden rack or above floor at least 2 fts .

Normally, it remains good for 1-2 months.

1) Feed should adhere to the food regulations 2) It should contain the right amounts of protein, amino acid, and other essential nutrients. 3) It should provide a desirable Body weights in given STD time, FCR& Egg productions asper age of layers to farmers. 4) Poultry feed should provide proper immunity to chicks/ birds & layers.

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