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High quality fish feed with better FCR from Nouriture

An exclusive gift for the Aqua farmers in fish feed, this floating fish feed is produced with world class technology which ensures better productivity. Matsya Bandhu gives higher growth and lower FCR making it the best fish food for growth. This feed for fish farming comes at a reasonable price.
Matsya Bandhu has a nutritionally balanced powder floating fish feed variant with 38% protein, ideal for faster growth of fingerlings. The balanced combination of ingredients like meal, fish oil, rice bran, maize and de-Oiled rice bran helps them grow faster. Since Matsya Bandhu floating Fish Feed floats for 3 hours on water, fish can easily catch the feed. So, it also keeps the pond water clean.
The low feed conversion ratio in fish makes Matsya Bandhu the best choice for commercial fish farming, maximizing profits as well.
We believe in a collaborative and 360 degree approach. In order to get the best results for the farmers, Nouriture provides farmer trainings, meets and on-ground assistance to them from time to time. Such events not only create an environment of trust and confidence, but also boost rural entrepreneurship and productivity, leading to increased profits. Nouriture is committed to serve you at every step in all its capabilities.

Floating Fish Feed

Matsya Bandhu Floating Fish Feed is best suited for fishes like IMC, Roopchand, Magur, Pangesius, monosex tilapia, Koi etc

sinking Fish Feed

Matsya Bandhu Sinking fish feed has the right amount of nutrients like vitamins, minerals and amino acid contributing to faster growth of fish under water. It is best suited for fishes like Rohu Katla, Mrigel.

Superior advantages

  • Faster Growth & quicker crop production
  • Maximum Profit
  • Keeps water clean
  • Minimum Mortality
  • Less chances of diseases

useful tIPS

Low moisture feed and dry pellet should be kept away from moisture. It can be kept in a covered place. Fish pellet should be stored at room temperature. Wooden material or plastic can be used to store feed

Floating fish feed is a bit expensive but they float on water for a long time and retain their nutritional composition. Sinking fish feed is less expensive but will gradually sink in the water. The type of feed is often determined by the type of fish. Floating feed is suitable for Carp, Roopchand , and Magur. Sinking feed is ideal for Catla, Mrigel or any other bottom dweller fish.

Look at the nutritional content. Fish relies solely on feed for growth and immunity. So, choose feeds with appropriate protein content and low FCR

Please refer to the feed table

Use an automatic feeding machine for dry pellets. It saves time and increases efficiency. In case of manual feeding, feed can be given as broadcasting method.

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