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Common Mistakes to Avoid while buying Poultry Feeds

September 22, 2020

You might not have ever thought that chicken feed is important to keep in mind while maintaining a poultry farm. This is one of the huge mistakes that the poultry farmers ever make. On most occasions, you go out and buy a bag of poultry feed that will fill the stomach, not the nutrition needs.

There are a lot of companies that manufacture chicken feed after a lot of research, thought and time, keeping what the poultry needs. The level of nutrition needed for a chick to grow into a hen at each level are different depending on how much is required for growth, laying eggs and others. Feeding them the wrong feed can be a disaster for their health and egg production, both. Instead, if you go ahead with the correct feed you will of course be rewarded with healthy and help them grow from young into further adult, thus lay a lot of eggs too! Let’s take a look at the common mistakes that farmers make while choosing a feed:

  1. Feeds must contain proteins essential and non essential. In addition to this, a few more elements must be present. The elements are – amino acids, Vitamin A, E, D3 and B12, along with trace mineral elements like that of phosphorus & copper sulphate. Omega 3 helps in making the eggs healthier. Most feeds do contain proteins but the other elements go missing thus creating a mess instead of making the chicks and hens healthy.
  2. People make a great mistake of buying and providing one type of feed to all the age groups. For instance, you have layer chickens and you provide them only with poultry feed and not layer feed; the egg quality and quantity will of course deteriorate.
  3. Pellets, crumbles, Mash, Fermented, Medicated and Un-medicated are a few terms associated with chicken feeds and these need special attention. Most poultry farmers do not know the difference between each of them and keep serving the wrong feeds.
  4. Mercinal Content, antibioti residue and etc, plays a very crucial role in bird health as well as human life after consumption.
  5. Quality of raw material used for Processing feed and house-keeping are key factr for growing a healthy Chick and layer; most farmers miss out on this!

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