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Premium quality cattle feed for better milk production from Nouriture

Godhenu is our latest offering in the cattle feed category and is manufactured using the latest technology. It is a high protein cattle feed that is ideal for feeding cattle comprising all types of cows. It should be used for feeding dairy cows for maximum milk production in all climatic conditions.

This protein feed for cattle has balanced bypass fat with the right mix of vitamins and minerals, and other ingredients like soyabean, de-oiled rice bran, corn, bran, high quantities of digestible fibre for cows and buffaloes. Made in state-of the art machines, all elements are tested in laboratory making it the best feed for dairy cows.
We believe in a collaborative and 360 degree approach. In order to get the best results for the farmers, Nouriture provides farmer trainings, meets and on-ground assistance to them from time to time. Such events not only create an environment of trust and confidence, but also boost rural entrepreneurship and productivity, leading to increased profits. Nouriture is committed to serve you at every step in all its capabilities.

Cattle Feed

Godhenu Gold & Milk o Milk offer balanced nutrition for increased milk production without compromising on the health of the animal. It also helps in minimizing the heat stress in the cows.

Superior advantages

  • Increases milk production
  • More profitability
  • Increases fat percentage in milk
  • Develops right body configuration
  • Increases fertility rate & immunity


Feed plays a big role in increasing milk production. Provide high-quality feed with more protein.

Proper feed management keeps the farm clean and cattle healthy.

Keep the farm clean and provide proper ventilation. Have a veterinarian and get the breed vaccinated.

A feed enriched with protein and vitamin provides for faster growth and better immunity.

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