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A Questionnaire about Vannamei Feed

August 17, 2020

Are you dealing with shrimp farming and know not what will work as the best feed? Here’s a detailed study on Vannamei feed that will help you learn what makes it the best feed for shrimps. The questionnaire below has a few common questions related to shrimps feeds answered perfectly.

What is Shrimp feed?

This is considered to be one of the best combinations of food that is required by shrimps for proper growth. The diet is a balanced nutrient and energy supplier with the correct ratio in which it is required. There are a few raw materials that are considered to be the best to supply the amount of nutrients required; squid, soybean meal and more are few important requirements.

How helpful are these feeds?

Following are few ways that the feeds are helpful:

  1. Hybrid diets are formulated to provide the correct nutritional value required for proper growth of the shrimp throughout their cycle.
  2. The high density and extruded pellets deliver a superb balanced diet at every single stage while helping to maintain water quality.
  3. The feeds also contain an amino acid profile required.
  4. Growth rates are higher with a low FCR
  5. Water stability is maintained

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