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3 Common Risk Factors Associated with Shrimp Farming

September 28, 2020

Shrimp farming is considered to be one of the risky businesses that need lots of attention. If the thoughts of how risky the business is lurking at the back of your mind, here are a few things factors that need special attention. Shrimp farming is associated with a diverse range of challenges starting from volatile markets to climate variability with production risks being an added threat always. Amidst, all these factors choosing the right Shrimp Feed, forms the most important one.

Diseases are the number one threat:

Most of the Shrimp farmers are still ignorant about the fact that diseases are the primary threat that needs a permanent solution. The problem is not only complex but also poorly understood in most cases. Depending on factors like consumer demands, regulations and sustainable development restrict the use of drugs and medicines to control and treat the pathogens, making it even more difficult.

Potential Downturn in the Price:

The future of shrimp agriculture in India largely depends on the factor – how well it handles the downturn in the price? Studies and researches reveal that the cost of shrimp will reduce at a certain point in time owing to a lot of factors. This price decline could be because of increased supply from countries like that of China, Thailand, Indonesia, and Brazil. We expect that the Indian shrimp industry would remain competitive and profitable even in a downturn, but we do not have accurate cost data to analyse.

Choosing the Right Feed:

Closer and detailed studies have revealed that the common mistakes done by the farmers are not choosing the right feed that is required. Take a closer look at the products offered by that of Nouriture. The Shrimp feeds are specifically made after years of research and understanding the correct nutritional value that is required by the shrimps for optimum growth and nutrition.

Take a look at the wide range of feeds available and then choose the right one to make your trade stand out of the crowd and profit factors reach its Zenith.